The Eastern Regional Youth Organizer of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) says persistent demonstrations and hurling of insults at the president cannot enhance the electoral chances of the opposition NPP in any way.

Haruna Apaw-Wiredu claims that the New Patriotic Party (NPP's) agenda is to capitalise on the few challenges confronting the economy, just to score cheap political points.

Inaugurating the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network (TEIN) chapter of the Methodist College of Education (METCOE) in Akyem-Oda in the Eastern Region, the NDC organizer challenged their political rivals to focus on issues-based politics and halt the unnecessary demonstrations and insults which is only targeted at creating fear and panic in the country.

''We are not moved one bit by the countless demonstrations and insults hurled at the government and President John Mahama by NPP.

"The NPP has over decades demonstrated that it has no patience when it is in opposition. All they know is to capitalise on anything at all, just to win power. You can find out, their forefathers did the same thing to Ghana's first president, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah.

"They chased Nkrumah till he died and you can attest to the fact that even in his grave they still chase him. So don't be attracted by their quest for power'', he observed.

The NDC youth organizer challenged the NPP and other political opponents to offer responsible opposition by embarking on issues-based politics in the run up to the next general elections because, according to him the Ghanaian voter is discerning and will not be swayed by their deeds.

''NPP must know by now that Ghanaians know whatever is going on in this country and they must learn to win their support than to decide to hurl insults at us. If they think 2016 is a done deal for them they should by now be revising their notes because they will certainly have a shock of their lives'', he bragged.

Benedict Larson presenting a citation 

A citation in honour of their selfless contribution to the NDC was presented to the METCOE chapter of TEIN.

A deputy eastern regional youth organizer of the NDC, Benedict Larson presenting the citation lauded METCOE for doing enough to ensure that NDC was vibrant among tertiary institutions.

President of the newly inaugurated TEIN chapter of METCOE, Prince Okyere was full of praise for the youth leadership of the NDC in the Eastern region in ensuring that tertiary students contributed to the political discourse of the NDC.

He pledged on behalf of his colleagues to work assiduously to ensure the NDC achieves its target of obtaining 50% of the votes in the region

"With this inauguration we can now work as a team to ensure that we garner more votes for our party. We know the regional officers want to split the votes in the eastern region with the NPP. We can only assure them of our unflinching support in achieving that purpose''. he added.