The Weija Police say residents around the West Hills Mall in Accra, should take full responsibility for their safety.

The crime officer of New Weija District police station, DSP Joseph Agyei Afokpa, says the police will beef up security in the area but the residents must also devise innovative ways of protecting themselves.

“Don’t leave your doors open expecting that the police will come to secure it for you. You need to secure your house before going out,” he said.

Joy News reported that the residents are being forced to relocate from the area following repeated armed robbery attacks there.

DSP Afokpa urged that residents should study their environment very well and respond to it with their security prioritised.

“If you come in late from outing or work, you need to review it and come in early to avoid being attacked,” he said.

In a response to the development, chairman of the Residents Association of New Weija, Rev. Oweridu Antwi said they have already started the process of a neighbourhood watchdog among other measures.

He said when the Regional Police Commander gave the instruction for the police in the area to monitor the situation, “they did it for three weeks and stopped.”

“Last Sunday we met and selected about 15 people whom we want to be taken through training and deploy them as community watchdog in the afternoon and at night.

“We have to own our security to that extent because there have been instances of robbery in the night that we call the police and no one picks the call,” he said.

He said in the long term they will have their own police station.