Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has entreated Ghanaians who associate themselves with the LGBTQI community to be mindful of disclosing their sexual orientation.

She ascribed the inability of Ghanaians to accept and tolerate same-sex relations because of ancient customs and traditions as the basis for her caution.

The discussion on same-sex marriage earlier this year has seen many legislators, state institutions and members of the general public call on the government to prohibit such activities and set up legislation to punish offenders.

For many, this sort of conduct is a taboo, hence cannot be accepted by the Ghanaian society.

Speaking in an interview, Mrs Owusu-Ekuful noted that persons in their youthful stage most often are prone to explore due to physical, emotional and psychological changes they undergo.

According to her, the sexuality of individuals at this stage is also put to test – Simply as a passing phase and nothing more, she said.

Citing her days in school, the Minister indicated that same-sex relations were clandestinely even though the phenomenon has recently gained more publicity in the country.

“You’re exploring your sexuality, so you do all kinds of silly things growing up. Thank God there were no social media when we were growing up to leave a permanent record of some of the crazy things we did…” she explained.

She, therefore, made a plea to the youth to restrain themselves and be discipline in order to be useful in their respective communities.

Also, she advised LGBTQI persons to not force their activities on the Ghanaian citizenry.