The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has condemned events that characterised the debate on the e-levy in Parliament before the House went on recess last year.

According to him, the uncompromising positions taken by members of Parliament put the country’s constitutional order into severe stress.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II made the observations when he opened the maiden Media Capacity Enhancement Programme (MCEP) at the Manhyia Palace on Monday.

He urged politicians to act on deepening Ghana’s democracy by utilising their debating and negotiation skills rather than exhibiting their punching prowess.

“We have just come to a year in which our constitutional order was put to its severest stress. The commencement of work on the Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic has not been in the most edifying tradition.”

“But no one could have expected that the year would conclude with an honourable House degenerating into a brawl, with very Honourable Members putting aside their debating skills in order to exhibit their punching prowess,” the Asantehene said.

Proceedings in Parliament on Monday, December 20, 2021, were brought to a halt following the fisticuff among members of the two sides of the House.

The chaos erupted when the First Deputy Speaker allegedly tried to vacate his seat for the Second Deputy Speaker to partake in the ongoing voting exercise.

Following the incident, Parliament adjourned proceedings to January 25, thereby cutting short any attempt to approve or reject the e-levy Bill.

As the House prepares to resume sittings, the Asantehene has urged the lawmakers to be introspective in their dealings in the House.

“Such constant introspection is necessary if we are to avoid the unexpected and secure the future for generations to come.”

“Recognising this also makes it necessary for us to take a good look at ourselves and the path we have embarked upon and see any faults that may appear, so that we can take appropriate steps to mend them.”

“It is understandable that the focus of such introspection shall be highest on our political leaders who, after all, occupy what political scientists consider the first and second estates of the realm, namely; the Executive and Judiciary. We must also empathise with the Chief Justice as he moves to protect the Judiciary,” he appealed.

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