Accomplished Ghanaian entrepreneur, Dr Kofi Amoah says it is time for Ghanaians to get out of their ‘comfort zone’ and develop themselves and the nation as a whole.

Also known as Citizen Kofi, Dr Amoah in an interview stressed that the participation of every individual citizen is key and an indispensable part of creating a civilised, orderly and progressive society.

According to him, sitting aloof and unconcerned, and calling on government’s aid is not how a country is developed.

“We [Ghanaians] need to think deep about ourselves. So if you are in front of your house and there is something going wrong, don’t wait and think that the government will come and do it.

“This [participation] is what creates what we call civilization. It is not when someone will come and ask you to do or force you to do; it is about what you can do for yourself,” he said.

He believes that civilization begins with the mindset of the people “because in your mind, you are civilized and because you have that mindset what is around you begins to be civilized and the way you think begins to be civilized.”

The multiplied effect of this attitude in the youth especially is how “the whole society becomes civilized we can live”.