Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) has said its members would put on burial outfits to mourn for a two-week protest after the closure of schools since March.

Dr Damasus Tuurosong, the acting president of GNAPS, said Association would utilise all legitimate means to find a solution to their grievances.

“GNAPS has decided to use all legitimate means at our disposal to attract the government’s attention and support for our teachers.

“From Monday, all private school managers and workers are to begin wearing funeral outfits namely black clothes, red clothes or smocks depending on the culture of varied ethnic groups.

“We shall for two weeks announce the plight of our workers by wearing funeral clothes,” he said.

Dr Tuurosong admonished government to come to the aid of private school teachers after several months of closed schools per the directives of the President.

“We implore government to come to the aid of private school workers. We must act now to save them from starvation.

He indicated that members of the Association are struggling to make ends meet after going months without a wage or salary across the country.

This, he said, has left families in despair and challenging circumstances.

Dr Tuurosong revealed that the National Unemployment Insurance Scheme announced in the mid-year budget review is not in operation.

According to the Association, should government fail to listen to their plight and provide assistance, they will organise burial rites to mourn both locally and internationally.

“If government fails to come to the assistance of teachers within the two-week period, the full-blown funeral ceremonies would commence from Monday” following the safety protocols associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Tuurosong, however, implored government not to allow the lives of Ghanaians perish before taking the necessary steps to salvage their situation.

“We must not sit to mourn crocodile tears at the funerals of our famished workers. They do not need beautiful tributes and eulogies by their coffins,” he added.