Ghanaian boxer Duke Micah has launched a tirade of verbal attack against his former trainer Lawrence Carl Lokko.

In a circulating audio, Micah accused his former trainer of character assassination because of his decision to stop working with him. Coach Lokko who earlier this year also severed ties with Richard Commey cited personal reasons for his decision to stop working with Micah.

“He is spoiling my name in America. You’ve gone telling people you won’t work with me anymore. If you won’t work with me anymore go, why are you spoiling my name? Go home and train a boxer from scratch and see if it’s easy.”

Micah also accused the renowned trainer of colluding with people to swindle him and wondered why the coach is threatening to curse him.

“You conspire with people to swindle me, telling me there’s no money after I’ve fought. You’ve squandered my money and You’re telling me you’ll curse me?  If I was your son would you treat me that way? Even you, who go about perpetrating vice and stealing people’s money God hasn’t betrayed you, but you’re betraying me. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the fruits of his labour?”

The WBC International Bantamweight champion also accused Karl Lokko of “going after people’s wives” and called him a thief. He added that it was through him Karl Lokko came to America after splitting from Richard Commey.

Micah cautioned his former trainer to be wary of him and not “mess” with him.

“You don’t know who you’re messing around with. Tell me you’ll beat me when we meet and you’ll see that it’s not about size. I’m the same outside of the ring as I’m in”.

The attack appears to have been triggered by the problems that led to the split in July this year.