Most people generally believe that eating healthy means heaping all sort of expensive meals on a plate to consume. However, the Founder of Talkative Mom, Eno Quagraine, believes that eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. 

She believes that decisions about what you pack on your plate doesn’t have to drain your pocket, all families need to do is to be creative about what they put on their table during mealtime. 

She was speaking as a panellist during the launch of FanMilk’s innovative zinc fortified yoghurt “NutriDay” at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra.

Eno Quagraine shared ways families can easily make meals fun and less expensive by introducing variety in preparing a balanced diet, particularly for children.

You can make regular meals you prepare at home taste better by creatively preparing them in a variety of ways. Mothers, for instance, can serve NutriDay with oats or granular as breakfast, NutriDay with fruits at launch and NutriDay with crackers during supper,” she said. 

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive – Talkative Mom founder

Eno believes this ingenuity and simple way of preparing meals for the family wouldn’t break the bank as it is easy and fun to prepare

NutriDay is Ghana’s zinc innovative fortified yoghurt and developed by FanMilk to meet the growing demand for healthy nutrition that supports the immune system. 

Apart from Zinc, NutriDay contains Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, which is crucial for energy; Vitamin A contributes to good eyesight; and Calcium, which is essential for healthy muscles and strong bones.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, there has been increased interest in healthy living globally and Ghana. More people have adopted healthy eating measures to avoid diseases by keeping their immune systems strong.

With this background, NutriDay has been introduced to help keep families healthy and strong every day, as they enjoy a zinc fortified yoghurt that comes with a delicious taste and helps support the immune system.

Speaking during the launch, Ziobeieton Yeo, Managing Director, FanMilk Ghana said, “We understand the challenges our people face in adopting healthy nutrition at home or on the go. We know that parents, especially mothers, are consciously looking for ways to create a better future for their children and families by getting them to eat right.

“At FanMilk, we see these challenges, and as leaders, we are launching NutriDay Zinc fortified yoghurt to help partner Ghanaian families on your journey to healthy nutrition.” 

NutriDay zinc fortified yoghurt is available at all leading groceries, fuel station shops, and supermarkets in 330ml Plain and Strawberry bottles, as well as 125g Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla cups.