ECG apologises over PDS logo on October bills

The Electricity Company Ghana (ECG) has apologised to customers for receiving their October electricity bills with the Power Distribution Services Ghana Ltd. (PDS) as the service provider but showing the ECG logo.

A statement issued by the company on Tuesday indicated that the inconvenience was due to the transitional period of ECG getting full custody of management from PDS.

“At the time of termination of the PDS contract, customer bills presentation information in our billing system was in the name of PDS. In this transitional period, some customer bills had already been generated,” the press read.

It added that “some customers may receive bills with ECG logo and PDS as service provider. Some customers will also receive bills with PDS as Service Provider and PDS logo.”

The government of Ghana in October 2019 terminated its concession deal with PDS regarding the distribution of electricity in Ghana.

The company was engaged in March but since its suspension on July 30, PDS had been embroiled in a corporate governance tussle among the shareholders.

PDS was suspended after the government said it suspected the agreement was tainted with fraud.

The transaction advisor, MiDA, set up an investigative body into the allegations and cleared PDS of fraud.

Despite the clearance in August, PDS remained suspended and subsequently government took a decision to abrogate the agreement.

The notice further assured customers that management will rectify the situation immediately.

“Bills generated subsequently for November 2019 will appear in ECG logo and ECG as the service provider,” it stated.