3 persons have been accused for being behind Ibrahim Mohammed Kaaka's death

Lawyers for two known New Patriotic Party polling station executives standing trial for the murder of social activist, Kaaka Macho, have expressed worry over the many adjournments of the case.

Fuseini Alhassan and Ibrahim Issaka, also known as Anyaas have been in Police custody since July 2, 2021 after being remanded by the Asokwa District Court alongside Iddi Mohammed, a brother of the deceased.

They are being held for their alleged roles in the murder of Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka Macho, who was attacked at his Occipital region hit with sticks whilst entering his Dagomba Line residence in Ejura on June 26, 2021.

He died on June 28, 2021, three days after being in an unconscious state at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, after being referred from the Ejura Government Hospital.

Kaaka’s death sparked chaos in Ejura, leading to the killing of three people and injury to four others.

On June 29, 2021 at about 22:45 hours, Police acting on intelligence discovered that the victim, Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka, was attacked and wounded with a club by Ibrahim Issaka and Fuseini Alhassan, a butcher.

With the assistance of the Formed Police Unit and the Special Weapons and Tactics teams, the two suspects were arrested at the Ejura–Sekyedumase District Assembly Revenue checkpoint to assist with investigations.

Counsel for the two accused persons, Taafah Taasah, told the court at Thursday’s hearing the two have not been charged, adding, the adjournments are too many since his clients have been in custody since July 2, 2021.

According to him, nothing much has occurred ever since their arrest.

His concerns come after lead prosecutor, Chief Superintendent Kofi Blagodzi, told the Court, presided by Her Worship, Akua Adu Boahen, that the Attorney-General has assigned a State Attorney to pursue the case following what he says are unfolding developments in the case.

He then prayed the Court for a 2-week adjournment to enable the Attorney-General herself to appear before the court to state the A-G’s position on the case.

Chief Superintendent Blagodzi assured the Court that the advice from the A-G’s office would be duly communicated by the prosecution team at the next adjourned date.

The Court adjourned the hearing to October 7, 2021 to enable prosecution to present A-G’s advice to the court.

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