The police have served notice it will not countenance any act that will breach the peace of the country as stakeholders wait anxiously for the declaration of results of a nail biting election held Wednesday.

Director of Operations of the police Christian Tetteh Yehunu called on politicians and the general public to desist from doing anything that will jeorpardize the peace of the country.

The warning comes in the wake of rising tension in the country following delays in the release of results of presidential and Parliamentary elections held yesterday.

Officials of the two leading political parties are both claiming victory in the high staked election and have used press conferences to announce what they say are collated results.

The NDC issued a statement at dawn Thursday saying the president was in a commanding lead and assured all supporters to be calm.

The NPP responded with a press conference at dawn Thursday in which it said that with the 80% of results collated so far Nana Akufo-Addo had taken an unassailable lead and the party called on the president to concede defeat.

The NDC called a counter press conference shortly after condemning the  NPP for its press conference.

Throughout Thursday, there has been a contest of press conferences between the two parties, each claiming victory.

The Peace Council has held its own version of the press conference, asking the EC to expedite action in declaring the results and also calling on the parties to halt the battle of press conferences.

Reiterating the call of the peace council, the police at its press conference said it is committed to providing protection for all Ghanaians.

 "We are calling on general public to exercise maximum restraint as the EC goes through the process in accordance to law.

"Don't use violent means to address your grievances," DCOP Yehunu admonished but warned "the police will not countenance any breach of peace"

"We will do everything in their power to protect lives and property," he indicated.

He also called on the media to be circumspect in order not to raise the tension any further.