La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly could face legal action if it fails to close down a polluting factory cited within a residential area.

Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah, who is a member of the residents association at Tse Ado community said they have taken note of the Assembly's promise to enforce the law within a month.

The Deputy Minister joined in constant complaints by residents who say they have had to endure cancer-causing smoke from the Edsiaw factory.

LaDMA pollution

He said on the Joy FM Super Morning Show Tuesday, fumes from the burning of plastics in the evening make breathing uncomfortable.

There is also a 24-hour noise pollution as loud machines bombard residents. George Andah said, "anytime they switch their machines on, you can see that the voltage of the area drops."

"It is not convenient at all," he expressed frustrations.

George Andah

Photo: George Andah

After enduring the pollution from the plastic manufacturing factory for more than two years, they say they will wait for the one-month pledge to expire before taking legal action.

Some factories cited for severe pollution have petitioned the Presidency complaining of sabotage. They say their factory is contributing to the President's grand industrialisation plan dubbed 'one district, one factory'.

But George Andah has dismissed this claim as a defence for indiscipline.

He said if the polluting factories are to be allowed to operate under the guise of earning a living then illegal mining known as 'galamsey' should also be allowed to destroy the environment under the same excuse.

He said the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, will not endorse business activities that undermine the rule of law and promote indiscipline.

"People must respect the laws of this country and not do whatever they want," he said.