When Alhassan Abdul-Kadir completed Central Zaharia Junior High School, his dream was to pursue a career in civil engineering.

But that didn’t happen due to poverty.

His mother could not support him in any way. Alhassan abandoned his dream with dejection and moved on to what was available – fashion design.

Alhassan says he had a passion for machinery.

He had no financial support to pursue higher education, let alone achieve his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

But the dream, and enthusiasm that came with it crashed at his early years in life.

According to a popular saying that, the natural state of motherhood is selflessness.

And a mother is the only person on earth who can share her love among 10 children and each child still has all her love.

That’s why Alhassan’s Mum, Fuseini Ayisha, enrolled her son to study fashion design at a cost of 100 cedis in 1998.

Initially, Alhassan wasn’t interested but with time, he came to understand that fashion was a profitable venture.

It took him ten years to complete the training and in 2009, he established his own shop with support of his elder brother.

A seed sown under fertile land will surely grow and bear fruits.

Today, Alhassan makes thousands of cedis from his business, engaging 12 apprentices.

Most of his apprentices are junior and senior high school graduates who wish to become like him.

But does he still want to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer? Alhassan says fashion can take him across the world.

Alhassan has simple advice for those who think it is too late for them to start.

“Be vigilant, focus and don’t look down upon what you do,” he said.