Some enumerators participating in the ongoing census exercise in the Sissala East District of the Upper West Region are warning the Census Secretariat of the consequences of the lack of materials for the exercise in the district.

According to them if the exercise exceeds October 10 through no fault of theirs, the secretariat will have to pay for the extra days that they will work.

They say they have suspended other things to participate in the exercise and that if they are unable to go back to them after the scheduled date, they will have to be paid more money.

Enumerators were given 30 questionnaires each which many finished before the end of the second day. The district office say questionnaires are not even in the regional office for distribution.

Most enumerators who work in communities are back in Tumu the district capital waiting for when materials will be made available for them to return.

Meanwhile some residents in the district capital are refusing to cooperate with enumerators because they cannot be identified. Enumerators in the district have no ID cards or T-shirts to identify themselves as advertised by the census secretariat.

By Richard Forgor
Radford FM