FanMilk Ghana has launched an addition to its various brands of products onto the market.

The firm believes that despite the challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, an opportunity has been presented to satisfy its customers with different offerings as they face the hurdles of life.

According to the Managing Director, Yeo Ziobeieton, Fanmilk thrives on two missions, that are social and business, hence it survives when its customers are healthy both physically and emotionally.

“At the core of FanMilk, there has always been a dual mission; a social mission and a business mission. When I say social mission, it’s exactly why we’re here. We know that there’s no healthy business without a healthy community, there’s no business without people like you that have a point of view in terms of ….,the market,” he disclosed at the launch.

He emphasized that Ghanaians ought to be proud of the brand as it originates from Ghana and Africa at large.

“It’s a brand that you all should be proud of because it’s a brand that originated from Africa, it’s a brand that originates from Ghana. If you’re familiar with accepting the world, if you’re familiar with fast moving consumer goods, you’ll know that in life there are not much opportunities in multinational…but in FanMilk you can create a brand let alone create it in Africa,” he stated.

He also revealed that his outfit is not an exception to the impact of the pandemic and it has been a difficult year.

Go Slo is a premium ice cream that comes in four flavors; peanut butter, salted caramel, cookies and cream, chocolate and almond.