A Vietnam veteran has met his 47-year-old son – that he was never even sure he had – for the first time thanks to the internet.

Mike Gold, 67, is getting to know his son Jerry Glomboske who found his father on the web and first contacted him by email.

Just before he was sent to Southeast Asia, Gold received a letter from a woman telling him he might be the father of her baby, a child she was giving up for adoption.

‘I tried numerous times to find out and nothing came of it.’ Mike told KXAN.com.

‘Always in the back of my mind, was there really a child?’
Despite never having met each other the father in son have much in common, not only do they share their birthdays, they also both spent time in the military and in the police.

When Jerry finally found his dad, he said he was nervous about emailing him.
‘I said give it a try, see what happens,’ said Glomboske, who lives in California. ‘The next day I woke up and had an email from him.’

After swapping pictures, the men were surprised at how similar they looked.
‘I looked at it and started laughing,’ Gold said. “I turned to my wife and said, ‘You’ve got to look at this picture.'”

Glomboske added: “I showed my wife and daughter and they started laughing, telling me it had to be my dad, I look just like him.”

Gold and his wife will fly to California in April to celebrate the mutual birthdays and meet his three grandchildren he didn’t even know existed.

Gold told KXAN.com: ‘That’s really something. Not only do I have a son, now I’m a grandfather. Makes you feel a little older. This is the greatest Christmas I’ve ever had.’

‘Absolutely, it’s been great, fantastic,’ his son agreed.