Officials of the Fire Service in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale have begun investigations into the cause of a fire that swept through the industrial area of the region last Sunday.

Mark Akulugu Enterprise, a shop that stocks vehicle spare parts and other accessories was worst hit by the blaze.

Equipments like tractors, containers full of vehicle tyres, car batteries and several gallons of engine oil, were all burnt to ashes during the blaze that lasted more than four hours.

Firefighters had a tough time putting out the fire. About six fire tenders were brought in to battle the fire whiles police and military officers cordoned off the area to prevent looting, Joy News Correspondent Hashmin Mohammed, reports.

Owner of the Mark Akulugu Enterprise, Mark Akulugu in recounting his loss, told Joy News’ Hashmin he tried to prevent the fire from spreading but couldn’t do much.

He said “I was in the store in the evening and before I realised they were shouting fire, fire, fire then I run behind the store but the fire was already there, we couldn’t control it so we had to call the fire service”.

He is however not sure what really caused the fire.

“Whether electrical fault or what I don’t know”, the traumatized shop owner said.

Workers at the shop have however returned to the industrial enclave this morning to salvage their remaining products.

Officials of the Northern Regional Fire Service who battled the flames said they are investigation into what triggered the blaze and will make findigs known to the public.

But the Second-In-Command of the Service in the region, Ebonyi Napoleon said the fire was difficult to control due to the chemical components of the items in the shop.