The Christian Council of Ghana is calling on its member churches to mobilize the youth in their churches to go donate blood  to the hospitals handling the fire and flood patients.

This follows an appeal by the health Minister for well-meaning Ghanaians to donate blood to victims of the two-day heavy rains which have left many injured and over 100 people dead.

According to the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Opuni-Frimpong, they expect pastors and other church leaders to rally the youth in their churches to donate blood at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital, 37 Military hospitals and other facilities which are in need of blood to save lives.

He said: “We are pleading with our member churches in Greater Accra, Presby, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, EP and other pastors to mobilize students and young people to get closer to Korle-Bu, 37Military Hospital and other hospitals that are responding to the crisis to donate blood”.

Rev. Opuni told Joy News “the churches must also provide emotional need to families and friends who have lost their relatives”.

Rev. Dr. Opuni-Frimpong is also urging the various political parties in the country to desist from using the situation to score political points.

He described the situation as “a real crisis. You look at the pictures and you realize the pain some people have gone through. We are praying with them”

He appealed to all to see the situation as a national crisis and respond to it accordingly.


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