The Trustee of the Ghana Private Sector Covid-19 Fund, Senyo Hosi has said schools that have the capacity to run virtually should be encouraged to do so.

The CEO of Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors said the schools who have to work physically should enforce the safety protocols.

With the high rate of infections in the country, he said there is the probability that the virus will be lurking in schools. He, therefore, cautioned parents to be aware of that.

Schools are resuming today after they took a Covid-19 inspired break last year.

For schools that can run virtually, let’s encourage them to - Senyo Hosi

President Akufo-Addo announced the closure of all schools, together with a ban on all social gatherings, on March 15, 2020.

Second-year students in Junior and Senior High Schools were allowed back in school on October 5 to complete the 2019/20 academic year.

There has been a lot of mixed reactions from parents and guidance as their wards return to school amidst reports of increasing cases in the country.

Speaking on the development, Mr Hosi advised families who can afford the cost of getting tested to test frequently.

He told host Winston Amoah that that could be done at least once a month so that the virus can be detected early and the necessary precautionary measures are taken to cure it.

For schools that can run virtually, let’s encourage them to - Senyo Hosi

“It will really be counterproductive for us to have our children in school, likely to be asymptomatic when they pick up the virus and they come to affect parents and grannies who will pass on and leave the children parentless,” he added.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Super Morning Show, Mr Hosi advised the government to invest in schools by providing them with ICT equipment so that a part of the school population can operate virtually.

“I would really want to advise government that for places where we can start exploring, empowering our students with a lot more ICT equipment that can still keep a part of the school significantly virtual.”

He also added that government should be able to fund half of the schools in Accra if it examines its expenditure and corruption.

“We should look at those investments. I’m sure if we really check on a lot of the waste through overspending, reckless spending, and on corruption, we should be able to really fund about half the schools in Accra. Have every child have an ICT equipment” he said.