The Foreign Affairs Minister has accused the media of creating needless controversy over the issue of expenditure on the burial of Ghanaians who were killed in Gambia in 2005.

Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni has come under heavy criticism after he briefed Parliament on how GHC420,329 of the amount was spent.

He told Members of Parliament (MPs) GHC25,000 cedis was paid for the funeral reception, 4,400 cedis for AMA plots for eight graves and 5,000 cedis to the media, among others.

But the Ghana Integrity Initiative and the opposition New Patriotic Party are demanding more explanation.

Addressing the media Tuesday morning, the Minister maintained his ministry has been transparent in the handling of the compensation package.

“It is unfortunate that in their reportage in the parliamentary debate, a number of media houses have failed to give a fair account of the facts presented to Parliament and have instead chosen to slant, skew and misinterpret the facts in what can only be construed as pandering to sensationalism,” he stated.