Ghana Football Association (GFA) has become the first organised body in the country following its announcement of a ‘No Vaccination, No Entry’ policy for all its matches from next season.

Ahead of the 2021/22 Ghana Premier League season which is scheduled to commence on October 29, President of the Ghana Football Association has announced that fans will not be allowed entry into match centers without proof of covid-19 vaccination.

“We are engaging government to ensure we have more fans accessing our games, but one of the key requirements will be the need for all of us to ensure we are vaccinated to be able to access football. So what that means is that all our players and staff will be vaccinated – indeed that process has started, and all football fans who will want to access our games live at the various stadia, must prove they have received vaccination.”

Kurt Okraku disclosed this at the Association’s 27th ordinary Congress at the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence in Prampram.

The ‘No Vaccination, No Entry’ policy is a requirement for all fans attending games age 12 or older. For spectators below age 12, they will be mandated to show proof of a negative rapid test from at least 48 hours before a match day.

The GFA president also confirmed that the peg for spectators at games, will be increased from 20% to 25% for this season.

Legon Cities and Hearts of Oak will kick-off the new season at the Accra Sports Stadium.

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