Ghana at crossroads

On Dec. 7, Ghana will elect its next government. As a youth oriented network we have followed the activities of the various political players and drawn certain conclusions.

We subscribe to the call for change particularly in the interest of the nation. These decisions have been arrived at due to the following issues.


We believe and agree with the senior ministers that the current NPP administration is obsessed with the “idea of free things “thus ignoring quality and its future implications. We believe the educational reform must be made a reality instead of a declaration and name changing. A figure of 2007 enrollment to JSS was 255,000 pupils admitted and only 120,000 moved to SSS. What do we do with the others?

We will have to build a proper foundation which is building of more schools, provision of text books and expanding the school feeding to make it truly national before moving forward to make the next level free. The government clearly is confused with respect to employment. Providing vocational jobs like the NYEP can not be described as employment opportunity. What happened to the PRESIDENT SPECIAL INITIATIVE and the huge investment made in them.

Interacting with various youth groups, we realize Ghana’s image in terms of drugs is alarming. All indications are that the government has not shown enough commitment to fighting the drug menace.

The perception that some senior government officials are involved in the drug menace is very alarming especially with the outburst of a former lawyer to the national security Madam Frema Busia about the problems with the nation’s security.

Again the confession of the chief of staff; Kojo Mpaini in Parliament that the government did not know how the former Minister of National security got out of the country and the security agency that granted him protection.

We have also assessed the leadership of the various political parties and believe that the country deserves the best team to lead us.
We therefore endorse Professor Atta Mills and the NDC to lead this country.

We believe he is the best bet for this election because he has been consistent honest and sincere with his political messages. For us as a nation to be able to fight mediocrity we must have a change.

A change we believe, we have in the NDC and its leader John Atta Mills.

As youth advocacy group we are carefully and sincerely announcing and inviting with excitement our fellow youth of this country be it NPP, CPP, DFP and other well meaning Ghanaians to vote for Ghana and not any political tradition.

Ghana First. We wish the NDC winning all the best.

As youth activists we call on the security agencies to exhibit fairness wherever violence has been found to be perpetuated and those found guilty should be brought to book. The arrests based on political lines should be discouraged.

We therefore call for the killers of the Yo-no, Issah Mobila, the 14 years child who was killed in Tamale,etc to be prosecuted and if found guilty punished. In our opinion this is the right way to promote peace in this country.

Anthonio Edem Asinyo
National Co-ordinator
Youth Advocacy Network