New Patriotic Party (NPP) former Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South, Nana Akomea says “Ghana will be like heaven” if government invests the time it uses for propaganda to think outside the box.

In his view, the country is in crisis because the Mahama-led administration does not get its priorities right.   Nana Akomea questioned the essence of the much touted Better Ghana Agenda in the wake of worsening socio-economic conditions in the country.  

The Mahama-led administration is under immense pressure from opposition parties especially the NPP who claims it has failed Ghanaians.  

Describing the NDC led by President Mahama as incompetent, the opposition party has called on Ghanaians to vote them out for non-performance in the 2016 general elections.  

But government communicators has mounted a defense insisting that it is investing in long term measures all sectors of the economy for an accelerated development.  

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday, Nana Akomea said it is evident the Better Ghana Agenda has failed.     He could not fathom why after six in office, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is yet to fulfill its utopian promises it made to citizenry.  

Citing among others the depreciation of the cedi, high cost of living, worsening socio-economic conditions, incessant labour agitations to buttress his point, he noted that “if this is a Better Ghana then I prefer a Good Ghana”.  

The former Okaikoi South MP expressed shock at the information being churned out by the propaganda machinery of government which in his opinion is a sharp contrast of the realities on the ground.  

“They were shouting on roof tops about unprecedented achievement like single digit inflation yet Ghanaians are not feeling it in their pockets and  the cedis is currently the worse performing currency in Africa” he exclaimed.    

Nana Akomea called on government to put it acts together and salvage the economy before it exist power in 2016.