Ghanaians in U.S. call for fairness in election dispute at home

Ghanaians in U.S. call for fairness in election dispute at home

A group of Ghanaians on Friday protested the results of Ghana’s election in front of the White House, calling on the Supreme Court to be firm in adjudicating a case disputing the presidential results sent to it by main opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo.

About 200 people calling themselves Concerned Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud said they want the Supreme Court to be fair in dealing with the case.

The group also took a swipe at Electoral Commission Chairman Kwadwo Afari Gyan, accusing him of rigging the elections.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana declared President John Mahama president after the Dec. 7 elections with 50.7 percent of the vote. The president was sworn in Jan. 7, but the main opposition has been contesting the declaration in the Supreme Court, citing irregularities in the new biometric voting system.

Kwaku Agyei Yeboah, 54, a social worker from Springfield, Mass., and the lead organizer of the protest group, said they want to let the world know that the Electoral Commission rigged the election.

“We have diligently collated results, and we’ve seen that Afari Gyan’s Electoral Commission has broken a lot of the electoral laws,” Yeboah said. “The ‘No Verification, No Vote’ law that Afari Gyan and the parties agreed on was violated.”

The law requires that people verify their right to vote by verifying their fingerprints. But Yeboah and the other demonstrators said many people voted without verifying their identities.

Afua Sarkodie-Mensah, 56, who runs an African shop in Boston, said the government should desist from all acts of intimidation and threats against people willing to give evidence and not interfere with the smooth running of the case at the Supreme Court. She said the whole world is watching.

“The major opposition party, together with other parties, has come with evidence to show that there was massive rigging,” Sarkodie-Mensah said. “And when the Supreme Court sees this and makes a decision, it will prove that John Mahama lacks legitimacy.”