There was total confusion in the camp of Team Ghana which nearly resulted in a brawl, two days into the start of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland

The near scuffle was between two officials of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) following disagreements over quality of jerseys.
Information gathered by, reveals that, Nestor Galley, President of the Ghana Badminton Federation (GBF), who doubles as the Third Vice President of the GOC, questioned the quality of jerseys provided for Team Ghana, especially that of the Badminton team.

According to the information, Galley’s concern were not taken lightly by the president of the GOC Prof. Francis Dodoo as he got infuriated.
Prof. Dodoo, who has become unpopular even among his fellow executives, attacked the retired Director-General of the Ghana Ports and Habour Authority (GHAPOHA) with the intention of punching him but was restrained by onlookers.

The action of Prof. Dodoo seem to have attracted the displeasure of other association president who have high regards for Mr Galley.
The source hinted that, other Association presidents are unhappy with the way and manner they were being treated by the GOC president and his close confidants as he seemed to have hijacked every operation of the committee.

There seem to be growing disquiet over the leadership style of Prof. Dodoo and highly placed sources have indicated that, there are possible plots to unseat him in the next election.

Investigation conducted by reveals that, the kits; Evrea, were procured by the GOC at a discounted price of 53,000 Euros.