One of the shrines of Nana Kwaku Bonsam at Akomadan Afrancho in the Ashanti Region was in the early hours of Tuesday gutted by fire.

His bedroom and hall were also destroyed. Other items burnt included his personal effects, 200 pieces of Kente cloth, two lap-tops, native sandals and cash of $3,000.

Halifax Addo, public relations officer of Nana Bonsam confirmed the incident to The Spectator.

He explained that none of the gods in the shrine was damaged.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.
Nana Bonsam claimed that it was punishment from one of his gods, Nana Tutugya, god of fire, for disobeying him.

He claimed that he was forewarned by Nana Tutugya about the disaster and asked him to perform certain rituals to avert it.

However, he said due to the exigency of a trip he had to undertake to Accra the following day, he tasked another person to do the rituals.

The failure of the person to carry out the task, led to the disaster, he said.
Nana Kwaku Bonsam said it was while on his way to Accra that he had the information that his house was on fire.

Immediately he said he drove back to the place he realised that the place had been raised back.

He over-ruled any electrical fault as the whole of Afrancho was in darkness on that fateful day.

He claimed that the gods, however, sent large sums of money later on Tuesday to rebuild the house and the shrine and cater for the personal effects that were destroyed in the fire.

Nana Bonsam, however, will not disclose how much was given him by the gods.

Source: The Spectator


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