Government has put together a six member committee to advise it on an out of court settlement in the controversial government versus 12 labour unions saga.

The unions are protesting government's decision to appoint a trustee to manage their tier two pension funds.

Last year, the unions including the Ghana National Association of Teachers, the Ghana Medical Association, declared a strike which left school pupils and patients stranded.

In a reaction government declared the strike as illegal and proceeded to the courts for a ruling on the tier two saga.

“If they call off the strike it doesn’t mean the issue has been resolved, we want a definitive pronouncement from the courts as to who is the employer of public sector workers…there is a lot of misinformation going about the role that government plays. And so we want the court to be able to adjudicate this matter and settle it once and for all,” Deputy Attorney General Dominic Ayine explained at the time.

Announcing the decision for an out of court settlement, Labour Minister Haruna Iddrisu told Parliament "government has no intention and will not engage in any action that will undermine a deserving pension to any retiree or any pensioner in Ghana."

Contributing to the matter on Joy News, the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association said he is confident there will be an amicable settlement between government and 12 labour unions.

Dr Justice Yankson who speaks for the unions was however quick to add that if the out of court settlement fails, they will not hesitate to return to the courts for solution.

The government late last year sued the workers for going on strike to protest government's decision to manage the tier two pension funds.

After months of wrangling in court, government has decided to opt for an out of court settlement.

Yankson welcomed the decision in an interview with Joy News on Wednesday.

He said it was government which took the workers to court and if it has decided to return to the negotiation table they welcome it.

"These are labour matters and the law court are not the places to solve these issues," he noted, adding if government has learnt its homework they will be glad to negotiate.

The Labour unions want to appoint their own trustees to manage the tier two pension scheme.