The Interior Ministry has stated it will be meeting the top hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service to investigate cases of police negligence alleged to be fueling the remand crisis in the country.

Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga, said the meeting is necessitated by revelations in Joynews’ Seth Kwame Boateng documentary ‘Left-to-Rot’ which captures the way police officers neglected cases before the courts resulting in the increasing number of suspects on remand.

The Deputy sector Minister disclosed this after he joined other government officials to watch the premiere of Seth Kwame Boateng’s ‘Left-to-Rot’ documentary.

He also expressed surprise in the way prison officials maltreat suspects who are under their charge.

Touching on the deteriorating condition suspects on remand find themselves in Ghanaian prisons, Mr Agalga said the government will be demanding strict adherence to the code of conduct for officers.

“You saw from the documentary how officers deliberately decided to punish suspects without any just cause,” he said, noting “We believe strongly that officers who behave in that manner should be brought to book and dealt appropriately.”

As a result, he indicated, the government is going to “hold discussions and conversation which will center around enforcing the regulations strictly.”

The Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood promised to set up courts in prisons across the country to address the current challenges in the system.

She called for the collaboration between the judiciary and the police administration to ensure that cases are followed through without delay.