Twifo Wamaso, a remote village near Twifo Praso in the Central Region, has been troubled by the ruthless response of a 65-year-old grandmother to the stealing of her soup.

Madam Janet Botchwey had reserved the bowl of soup for her next day’s meal but her seven-year old grandson was said to have consumed it without her knowledge.

In a furious reaction, the aggrieved woman was said to have grabbed the boy and, with a sharp blade, ran lines across his hands, creating severe wounds and a bloody spectacle.

She has now been remanded by the Twifo Praso Circuit Court.
The accused person was said to have visited her anger on the small boy Francis Kwabena Asare, to deter him from committing such an offence again.

She pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing unlawful harm and will reappear before the court on October 9.

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector George Okine told the court, presided over by Mr Seth Bio Nyamekye, that on September 24, this year, a reporter working with OTEC FM in Kumasi was on his normal rounds at Twifo Wamaso when it was reported to him that the accused had caused harm to her grandson.

On receipt of the report, the reporter rushed to the house of the accused and met the victim bleeding profusely from severe blade wounds on both hands.

When the complainant asked the boy about what had happened to him, he replied that his (Asare’s) grandmother had inflicted the wounds on him.

When the reporter confronted Madam Botchwey, she accused her grandson of being a thief who had consumed her reserved soup.

The complainant sent the boy to the Twifo Praso Police Station to lodge a complaint, where Asare was issued with a medical form to seek medical attention at the local government hospital.

The police later arrested Madam Botchwey, who admitted in her caution statement that she had committed the offence.

Source: Daily Graphic


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