Not long ago I went to the central business district of Accra, Ghana to purchase an item. I was there as early as 6 am. By the time I got the exact specification of what I needed, after roaming from shop to shop, it was some minutes past 9 am. By this time the sun was up… scorching already.

I got some foodstuffs and made my journey home. By the time I reached my gate, I was so exhausted from the effect of the sun I could barely hold firm the key to open the gate. I stood a while, gathered some strength, completed that task and dragged myself to the room.

Immediately I entered I sat down and it took me some time to regain composure. All I could see was darkness due to the transition from the sun to the cool room. Even with my eyes closed I still could see the sun rays and its burning sensation on my head.

I must confess it took so long for my eyes and body to adjust after all the scorching sun had sapped so much energy from me. Mind you I’m very physically active, I exercise and had eaten well and taken water plus some juice as I roamed the market. As I went about working on the day’s activities all I thought of, was the women I had seen in the market. 

One was a display dummy as she held the collar of a white shirt she was selling with both hands. Her arms were spread wide apart and she’s likely to be holding more shirts for a display to customers during the day. That’s not all. She had more clothes neatly tied with a cloth resting on her head. She wore long socks and longs sleeves shirt. And she had an apron strapped around her neck too. All this perhaps was to prevent the sun from ‘burning’ her. 

Another woman sat under a very tiny tent which covered only her cosmetics, which she had beautifully arranged on a table. She had put on a hat to prevent the direct rays of the sun from hitting her.

This other woman who sold apple and grapes was holding her wares with her two arms in an aluminium tray. She had her baby strapped at her back and she kept reminding everyone of her product by occasionally shouting…”yesssss grapes, grapess, grapesss.”

Today these are the women I celebrate. 

I stayed under the sun for less than three hours and it took me so long to adjust. How are these woman surviving? They will stay with the direct impact of the sun all day, feed their children and themselves in between still under the sun and still have to ensure their products are sold.

When they get home they would have to get ready for the next day. Considering how the effect of the sun had on me, I wonder how soon these women normalize after a day’s work under the sun to be back on their feet the next day. 

It definitely takes some #courage, #tenacity and #grace

Yes, I’m not a pro with regards to their trade but can it be they keep suppressing their body to adjust anyway because tomorrow is another day and they must be on the move? Woman under the sun, ayekooo!!!

A blessed Happy Mother’s Day to you. May your efforts yield profitable results and please enjoy the work of your hands. Let’s also be mindful of #climatechange. Plant a tree today or as experts, by 2035 we can’t even come out because of the heat from the sun.

Happy Mother’s Day…Plant a tree today