The Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saani Daara, has openly declared that he does not know what goes on at the FA, even though he is responsible for all the communication that goes in and comes out of the FA.

He made the declaration when he was quizzed in a radio interview about the Puma sponsorship deal that has been extended to 2018. When he was asked as to whether the sponsorship included money or it is the provision of kits alone, he answered in a low tone “I don’t know anything about the deal”.

“I wasn’t the FA’s Spokesperson when the deal was signed so I can’t know”, he added. He surprisingly declared, “I am only a messenger at the FA. I only work on instruction. I don’t know whatever goes on there until I am asked to deliver a message. My office is even separate from the FA Secretariat”, he noted.

When he was questioned about the amount of money the FA has received from FIFA so far for the preparation of the national team for the impending World Cup in Brazil, he answered in a similar tone by saying that, “I have to go through some documents to get the figure for you. I don’t know the figure. Even though we have received some money from FIFA, I can’t say the amount”, he said.

The Director of Communications, who seemed not to be on top of issues, was touted by a lot of the listening audience who phoned-in to the program as a “liar” or better still someone who does not know how to execute his job and that he must be fired.