The Minister for National Security in the second Administration of President J. A. Kufuor, has categorically denied granting an interview to Deutsche Welle Radio of the Federal Republic of Germany to the effect that it would be unwise for the Ghanaian Electorate to vote the opposition New Patriotic Party  (NPP) into government in 2016 because of the party's  protracted internal challenges. 

 Speaking in an exclusive interview with The New Crusading GUIDE last Saturday, Mr. Francis Poku,  reinforced the disclaimer he had requested the Editor-In-Chief (on leave), of this paper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako to put out on his behalf which the latter did on MultiMedia/Joy Fm's flagship program, Newsfile.

 "For the records, I have not granted any interview to any media entity anywhere in the world on any issue of national or international interest.  I haven't spoken to Deutsche Welle Radio or any of its wings.  Never! Any attributions made to me on any issue, whether election-related or not, can only be the figment of somebody's fertile imagination.  It is simply a concoction", articulated the former National Security Minister.

He intimated that he had made contact with sources connected with Deutsche Welle and indicated to them his displeasure about the story.  He added that they indicated they would check the circumstances surrounding the story being sourced to them (Deutsche Welle) and revert sooner than later.

Significantly, however Deutsche Welle has not carried the story Mr. Poku has vehemently debunked on its website. Mr. Poku emphasized that his focus was on finalizing arrangements for the first anniversary commemoration of his late wife's demise which is scheduled for December 11, 2015 at the Christ The King Church, Accra.

"Because of my concentration on those arrangements, I hadn't been monitoring the media landscape and so the initial reports on my alleged interview escaped my attention until last Friday afternoon when some friends and well-wishers alerted me on the circulation of the story in the local media and some websites.  I was shocked.  My training and experience would not warrant me saying the things attributed to me”, he clarified.

The former Minister for National Security entreated the media to always endeavour to double check their stories before publishing or circulating them to the public.

"Since my return to Ghana, and in the wake of the demise of my dear wife, all shades of Ghanaians and all sides of the political divide have shown great sympathy to me and my family.  And I wish to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to all of them. My family and I are humbled by this great show of sympathy and goodwill", noted Mr. Poku.

 The fabricated story which had been widely circulated in sections of the local media, websites and social media, alleged Mr. Poku had said that it would be unwise,  from the security point of view,  for Ghanaians to vote for Akufo Addo in the 2016 Elections.

The story claimed that Mr. Poku had suggested that "Akufo Addo's use of intimidation and brutish force to cow people into submission is dangerous".

"The economy is facing serious challenges, we lifted the economy to an appreciable level but unfortunately we are witnessing stagnation.  This notwithstanding, I don't think change of regime is the ideal situation, looking at the happenings in the NPP.  The security of the country will come under serious threat if power is handed to the current NPP set up", the former National Security Minister was alleged to have told Deutsche Welle.

"Based on experience acquired, my sincerest advice is that it would be unwise handing over power to the NPP at this time of our transition. Ghana is still seen as the torch bearer on the continent and many countries look up to the political evolution in the country;  it will therefore be dangerous for the region if democracy in Ghana is allowed to crumble ", he was further alleged to have articulated.

 All these attributions, according to Mr. Francis Poku, are completely false and could only have been manufactured by his detractors to dent his professional integrity and drag him and his name into disrepute and the muddy waters of unbridled partisan politics.

"The attributions made to me amount to a complete fabrication.  I have not granted any such interview to Deutsche Welle or any media entity anywhere in the world.  I entreat Ghanaians to ignore the story and treat it with the contempt it deserves", concluded Mr. Poku.

He hoped Ghanaians will continue to exercise the discipline and commitment required to deepen constitutional multiparty democracy which is the envy of the international community.