The Institute of Public Relations (IPR) is positioning itself to build up public trust and eradicate cynicism among the Ghanaian populace.

This will be done by ensuring its members who are the mouthpiece of private and public institutions only propagate the truth in any circumstance or situation to win the trust of the citizenry.

The President of IPR, Mawuko Afadzinu highlighted this when speaking to the media on the sideline of the 2021 National Public Relations & Communications Summit in Akosombo.

This he said informed the selection of “Truth Well Told and Shared” as the theme for the summit.

“Our job as communicators and public relations practitioners primarily is around 3 things. Number one, we build relationships, number two, we establish relevance and number three, we manage reputation.”

“And our conversation today is how do we do this in an environment where there is growing cynicism, in an environment where trust has gone down? How do we lift it up? And we are saying that we are going to lift it up through continuous learning and by applying ourselves assiduously especially to the truth in all situations”, he explained.

On her part, Management & Communication Consultant, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, implored public relations practitioners to endeavor to protect the reputation of Ghana in all endeavors.

The Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Services at the Volta River Authority, Dr. Stella Agyenim-Boateng announced that her outfit’s intention is to train personnel and enhance advocacy and public education on her outfit’s operations.

The Deputy Information Minister, Fatima Abubakar, indicated that the practices of PR must be guided by a strategic mandate to build reliable and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders.

Also, new and accredited members were inducted at the summit which brought together members of the Institute of Public Relations to brainstorm on how to improve on operations in the public relations sector and how to make it more efficient.

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