A 39-year-old mason, Stephen Amegadzie, has been remanded in prison custody by an Accra District Magistrate court for allegedly murdering a 31-year-old stone cracker at Taifa, a suburb of Accra.

The prosecutor, Inspector Barnabas Yeboah, told the court presided over by Mr. AIi Baba Abature that the deceased, Sinard Klutsey Torgormey, lived with Stephen in the same vicinity.

He said the deceased got married to a lady in the area by name Dede Nartey, but had some pending issues with her that were unresolved.

Early last year, the deceased had a suspicion that a gentleman in the area by name Nana Kwaku was having an affair with the wife.

Based on this, the deceased and his brother, Israel Torgormey, together with a friend by name Akwasi, on March 12, 2009, assaulted Nana Kwaku in the presence of Stephen and a friend.

The deceased had also alleged that his wife had given the ‘chopmoney’ of his family to Nana Kwaku.

The deceased, not satisfied with his previous action, on March 14 last year, invited his brother and Akwasi to accompany him to the house of Alofa, a suspect in the case, to whom Nana Kwaku had gone to seek refuge.

When they got to Alofa’s house they saw Nana Kwaku lying on a bed naked. In an attempt to attack him on the bed, they were prevented by Stephen who was in the house.

They turned their anger on Stephen and brutalised him for preventing them from executing their mission.

Stephen run into Alofa’s room and took a gun which was already loaded and shot at the deceased, killing him on the spot.

Stephen, with the multiple wounds he had received from the deceased and friends, went to the Achimota Mile Seven Police Station and narrated the incident to the police. Alofa also surrendered the gun to the police.

A post-mortem which was submitted by the pathologist at the Police Hospital gave the cause of death as acute anaemia due to multiple traumatic injuries and rupture of the abdominal cavity.

The case has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s office for advice. Investigations are still ongoing.

Source: Spectator/Ghana


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