DStv subscribers in Ghana from December this year can access three popular radio stations namely; Joy FM, Peace FM and YFM on their decoders. 

The addition of the three channels to their packages increases the number of local radio and television channels available on the platform to 13.

For now, other channels subscribers can access GTV, TV3, Metro TV, Adom TV, Joy Prime, Fiesta TV, UTV, GHOne TV and UTV.

“Our goal is to make great local radio entertainment more accessible to more people,” said Cecil Sunkwa Mills, Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana.  

He added, “we strive to give people across Ghana the opportunity to see get more news, current affairs updates and our own home-grown stories on our various platforms.”

Joy FM will be available on channel 886 and will offer authentic Ghanaian programming comprising of news and current affairs, music, magazine and talk shows, sports, religious programming and riveting edutainment.  

Peace FM will be available on channel 887 and provides 24/7 riveting local news, cultural highlights and music shows in the local language.

YFM will be available on channel 888 and offers high quality on youth-oriented entertainment programmes for the audience across the country.

According to Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, this recent addition enriches the current offering of content available in the country.

He added “We listen to our customers, because we want to know what matters most to them. We use these insights to put our customers at the heart of every decision we make, every day.”

DStv is committed to supplying the best and most relevant local and international content people love into their hands and their living rooms.”

The channels were automatically loaded onto the platform on December 11.