Hordes of media practitioners who thronged the offices of the 31st December Women’s Movement hoping to hear former First Lady Nana Konadu speak about her performance at the NDC Congress in Sunyani, were left disappointed.

She came in dancing to a song that showered praises on former President Jerry Rawlings and other members who are thought to have been sidelined by the party machinery, including herself.

The highly anticipated address by the former First Lady saw the Campaign Coordinator of the team, Numburr Berrick read a prepared statement without the option of asking follow-up questions.

The statement repeated earlier concerns that the processes towards the election at the Sunyani Congress as well as the outcome were tainted.

According to Mr. Berrick, the Konadu campaign team was amazed at the level of insults, intimidation and vindictiveness that characterized the period leading to the congress and during the event itself.

He said party officials schemed to leave out the Electoral Commission from the process and that but for a threat of legal action against the officials, the election would have gone on without the EC superintending.

The team further raised concerns about the heavy security presence at the congress grounds and what they say are tactics alien to the NDC adding in the process some people were disenfranchised.

Campaign Spokesperson, Michael Teye Nyaunu who closed the event told the media to hold on as there is more to come from the team.

Source: Joy News/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana


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