The country’s premier healthcare institution, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, which is also the third biggest referral centre in Africa, has been at the forefront of healthcare delivery for 98 years. 

Currently, the facility records an average daily attendance of 1500 patients.

CEO of the hospital, Dr Opoku Ware Ampomah believes, the sprawling nature of activities there calls for “strategic investments to overhaul the ageing infrastructure”. 

There has been several renovations and infrastructural additions on the hospital’s premises.

But managers sometimes struggle to cope due to the unavailability of adequate resources and workforce.

Dr Ampomah believes the hospital should be able to handle all illnesses they are presented with. And that would mean some radical changes at the facility.  

Dr Ampomah, therefore, did not mince words in stating this reality when the First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo commissioned a new waiting lounge at the Hospital.

The new lounge will give about 150 visitors and relatives of patients detained there a decent and comfortable place to sit to avoid the harsh weather conditions they endured when they had to wait at car parks or under trees.

Thankful for the new Atlantic Lounge, Dr Ampomah also reiterated the need to expand hospital services. 

He noted, “to cope with emerging disease trends; there is the need to build futuristic facilities.”

The CEO further echoed the desire of the President, who stated in the State of the Nation Address that he intends to make the health facility a one-stop shop for healthcare. 

Dr Ampomah’s plan to make this a reality includes a complete overhaul of some facilities there, developing the requisite human resources and providing the needed resources.

He, therefore, appealed to corporate organizations to partner with the hospital to achieve this desire. 

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