Ghana's pavilion at the Expo 2021 Dubai

Ghana’s pavilion at the ongoing Expo 2021 Dubai has faced various backlash from visitors.

Complaints range from the lack of creativity in the make-up of the pavilion, the absence of material to fully show what Ghana has to offer in terms of business and investment opportunities, and the latest one is the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of the exhibitors at the pavilion.

According to some guests, the exhibitors – three women – who have been placed to engage guests at the pavilion are doing everything but that.

Lackadaisical attitude of Ghana’s exhibitors at Expo 2021 Dubai blocking investments - Patrons
The exhibitors sit idly while guests go around.

One visitor said when he arrived at the pavilion, “they just look at you and continue to chat about the gym they went to, etc. So many people are complaining.”

Another visitor called for Ghana’s embassy in Dubai to replace the exhibitors there.

“So the embassy in Dubai should just come here and see for themselves what these people they brought in here are doing. I’m afraid that’s not right.

“When you go to the other pavilions, they welcome you and tell you what you [might] want to do in that country, tell you the kind of investment you can do, the kind of tourism you can go in for. But over here, it was nothing,” he said.

The Expo 2021 Dubai will last till March 31, 2022.

The theme of Expo 2021 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ with sub-themes are ‘Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility’.

The areas under focus for the Sustainability segment are industries, financial capital, governance, employment, and education.

Mobility will focus on filling up the gap between developed areas and those which require administrative and technological intervention.

Opportunity will focus on highlighting sectors and companies adhering to the central theme and tapping new opportunities.  

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