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Ladies think I am a ‘womaniser’ – Nana Boroo

With his good looks, one would have thought that hiplife artiste, Nana Boroo, would be spoilt for choice when it came to ladies but surprisingly, the musician says he cannot find a woman. 

According to him, the ladies have this negative perception about him that he is a ‘ladies’ man’.

“The issue is that most women think I am a womaniser and whenever I approach a lady; the first thing she tells me is she cannot fight the numerous ladies I have.

“This thing has been going on for some years now and it’s not funny. I have met ladies I genuinely love but the response I get is very bad,” he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Nana Boroo, real name Nana Osei Bonsu, said he had been looking for a good woman to be with for a long time but the assumption that he was a ‘bad’ boy had made him unable to find the right one.

Away from his love life, Nana Boroo, who has songs like ‘Aha Yede’ and ‘Bebia Soso’ and was away from the music scene for almost four years has returned with a new single, ‘Fine Boy’, and said he did not think it would be difficult for him to make an impact again.

“In Ghana, everything is about money and a good song. Once you have the song and the cash to settle the DJs, getting a hit is so simple. You don’t need to worry your head so much if you have a good song because Ghanaians now have a taste for good songs.

“I don’t think Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba or Amakye Dede would find it difficult breaking through if they have something new,” he said.

Asked what he was up to while he was away, Nana Boroo said he was busy recording and taking care of his other businesses.

“Music alone cannot pay my bills so I had to concentrate on my other businesses to generate more income and I want to use the opportunity to tell every musician to do same.

“You need to have other jobs alongside music so that you don’t go hungry. When you are not making the hits again, it is the other businesses that will take care of you and I will urge every musician to engage in other ventures,” he said.