National anthems have been played. The stadium is alive and ecstatic.

Ghana's Black Stars clash with Egypt in a crucial World Cup Qualifying clash which will see the winner, after a return match, pick one of Africa's five slots for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Ghana side against Egypt (4-2-3-1): Fatau Dauda – Samuel Inkoom, Jerry Akaminko, Rashid Sumaila, Daniel Opare – Michael Essien, Sulley Muntari – Andre Ayew, Asamoah Gyan, Kwadwo Asamoah – Abdul Majeed Waris.

Long pass looking for Essien who feeds it to Waris, and him to Asamoah Gyan close outside the box, he darts into  the goal area and picks his spot which canon off the right side of the pole and into the net. It's a goal under perhaps record time.

Asamoah Gyan misses the games earliest opportunity coming under a minute but plays it directly into the Egyptian goalkeeper.

The Egyptian goalkeeper is injured and receiving treatment on the field. Play resumes.

Long pass looking for Essien who feeds it to Waris, and him to Asamoah Gyan close outside the box, he darts into  the goal area and picks his spot which canon off the right side of the pole and into the net. It's a goal under perhaps record time.

The Egyptians  begin trading passes in a ponderous fashion.They gain a corner which is headed out by Andre Ayew. Despite some nice passes, they lose possesion. Throw-in to Ghana.

Sule tris another long pass to Waris which gets him. Kwadwo Asamoah gets into the 18-yard box and fires a shot, parried off beautifully by the keeper.

16:00; Thrown-in to the Black Stars, ball crossed to Waris who heads it accurately but yet weakly; goalkeeper points it out.

Egyptians still trying a passing game across the midfield and evetually to a winger with the aim to cut inside the Ghana goal area. They have been unsuccessful so far.

Opare from his area, gives a long pass to Andre Ayew, who gives it to Essien, he dribbles two opponents into the box  quite uncharacteristically, he struggles to shot but it deflects off Gomah into the net.

2-0 in favour of the Black Stars.

Pharaohs try to build from the back. Abutrika gives a killer pass into the final third gets to a team mate who shots wide off the goal.

Black Stars also to take their time with a passing game but Egypt quick to close the players down. One succeeds to block a pass from Jerry but noting comes out of it as the keeper comes out to collect the wayward ball.

Essien surges through the midfield and plays a through ball to Inkoom – poor cross.

34mins:   Egypt persisting on the flanks but they lose the ball. Long ball to Gyan around the box but he is pulled down for a freekick. Essien hits it into the human wall. Black Stars regain possesion and Essien distributes the ball in nostalgic fashion after a long absence from the team.

Egypt pass the ball into the 18 yard area and Rashid Sumaila player handles him. Referee whistles for a penalty. Abutrika converts. Egypt pulls one back.

Sulley Muntari takes a freekick and floats the ball into the 18-yard box, a header from Waris and its 3-1 for the Stars

Half Time

Egypt with a substitution.

Muntari tries another long range corner from the left side but no one is able to head the ball competently. Essien is dispossessed.

Referee stops play to attend to Andre Ayew. He was injured while trying to connect a cross. He has a cut on his forehead.  Play resumes. Andre wins a freekick on the edge of the box from the right side of the corner. Muntari crosses to the other side and its crossed back into the box. Sulley tries a bicycle kick, the ball bounces into the goal area and Asamoah Gyan heads into the net. It's a goal.

Black Stars are trouncing the Pharaohs. Egyptians are sinking without a trace in a prediction- defying performance.

Egypt persisting in the passing game across the midfield. Essien wins a freekick in the center area, passes the ball, Essien to Muntari, to Waris but lose possession.

 The Pharaoh's also lose possession. Gyan gets the ball, trying to make up his mind on what to do but he is cut down for a freekick outside the 18-yard area. The ball hits the Egyptian human wall.

Egypt get a chance form a cross but a player scoops a shot  over the bar.  Three long passes from the Black Stars ends up in the Egyptian half but quickly dispossed by the Egyptians. A defender tries to pass it but Asamoah Gyan intercepts it dangerously in the 18 yard area, the goalkeeper rushes out to catch the ball and clamps down Asamoah Gyan's foot. Referee whistles for a penalty and shows the keeper a red card.

Muntari stands behind to take the penalty after Asamoah Gyan rejects the opportunity to get a hat trick. Cool finishing from Muntari. It's 5 goals for the Black Stars. Unbelievable, unpredictable but true.Black Stars spell out E-G-Y-P-T in a five goals.

Wakaso comes on for Asamoah Gyan. Egypt misuse a corner. They appear to be accepting their fate. Goal kick to Ghana.

Agyeman Badu replaces Sulley Muntari. Andre Ayew makes way for Christian Atsu. fantastic reinforcements to perhaps deepen Egypt's woes.

Good cross for Egypt into the box but the forward misses out on a touch. Essien is left in the midfield, gives a long pass to Wakaso who crosses low into the box but cleared by the Egyptians. Egypt with the ball, intercepted. Christian Atsu runs don the left flank, cuts inside and fires in a sensational shot that once again canons off the pole and into the net. Super-sub Atsu celebrates as Olele joins him. Black Stars are aiming to spell P-H-A-R-A-O-H.

Agyeman Badu tries to stamp his game by firing off a long shot, goal bound but the keeper punches out to save Egypt. Resistance is broken its extra time. Essien still in the business of giving out killer passes. Egypt win a foul in the edge of thier area. They lose possesion once again very easily. The Stars happy to pass the ball. The long pass and the referee whistles to end the game.

The humiliation is complete. 6- 1 the final score line. It's mincemeat.