Gospel music is a music that is written to express ones belief in his or her Christian life, and to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music.

It is also to inspire and motivate Christians and non-Christians alike in their daily lives so that they can experience the love of God.

However the question of what constitutes Gospel music and who qualifies to be a gospel musician has been a subject of great controversy and a ready moral shadow for the music type and ardents.

There have been instances in Ghana where some secular musicians sing single gospel tracks on their albums. Others divert from secular music to sing gospel and later re-enroll into secular music.

Concerns have been raised about the un-gospel lifestyle of some gospel musicians/artistes, their dressing and misdemeanor among other things.

Adom Entertainment News sampled views from some gospel musicians on what a gospel music is, and who qualifies to be a gospel musician.

A renowned Ghanaian gospel artiste, Pastor Josh Laryea told Adom Entertainment News that gospel music is any song that is centered on Jesus Christ.

Josh Laryea said every gospel music must have Christ as its foundation. He referred to a Biblical quotation, Colossians: 3:16 which reads “Everything we do must be in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and we must do it being grateful and showing gratitude to him, singing psalms, Hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in our hearts”.

“All Christians have been tasked to sing gospel songs and it must be done with wisdom”, Pastor Laryea said.

He said before one can sing a gospel, that person must have accepted the gospel and is willing to do so with gratitude.

Pastor Josh Laryea stated that if a non-Christian sings a song that is centered on Christ without accepting the gospel, then that song cannot be classified as a Gospel song.

He said that the question of whether an artiste is a Christian or not is a difficult one, explaining that nobody can genuinely pinpoint who a true Christian is, adding that it is only God who knows the heart of that individual.

He intimated that based on that argument, it will be difficult to say who qualifies to sing gospel.

He stated that it is up to the public to study artistes to assess whether they have the qualities of true gospel musicians.

A female Gospel artiste, Georgia Adjei said that whoever sings gospel music should be seen as such.

She conceded that some gospel musicians have lost their Christian dignity in society because of their behaviours.

“Some gospel artistes out of their quest for money consult spiritualists to promote the sale of their works”, she revealed.

This, she stated, has affected the confidence of some Ghanaians in gospel music.

She has therefore urged her fellow gospel artistes to live what they preach, to strengthen the faith of Christians.

Story: Kwaku Adu Kumi/Adom News