Growing insecurity in the West African sub-region is forcing countries along the Gulf of Guinea to augment their military power to stave off threats of piracy and other maritime-related crimes.

As piracy continues to pose threat to lives at sea, Chief of Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Seth Amoama said Ghana Navy will be acquiring modern sophisticated ships which will boost its operations.

He disclosed this when the Nigerian Navy crew en route to its home country made a port call at Tema after taking delivery of survey ship, NNS Lana in France.  

“The Navy will have a full maritime domain awareness that will contribute immensely to the fight against the growing insecurity, particularly piracy, in the Gulf of Guinea”

The sophisticated vessel, the first of its kind in the sub-region will undertake hydrographic and oceanographic surveys as well as geotechnical and geophysical surveys in shallow water.

Maritime insecurity remains a big threat-CDS

It will be armed for rescue operations, patrols among other duties.

The multipurpose vessel will also afford the Nigerian Navy an opportunity to key into the seabed 2030 project and global multiresolution topography synthesis project to help improve safety of life at sea.

Vice Admiral Seth Amoama said this feat by Nigerian Navy should motivate Ghana to do same.

“We all feel very proud and must say that this should be a shining example and motivation to the government and people of Ghana to acquire state-of-the-art ship of this nature”

“Already, we are thinking about some acquisition in the near future but the visit of this ship has motivated us a lot to speed up the process of acquisition”

Rear Admiral Emmanuel O. Beckly who represented Chief of Naval Staff, Nigeria stated the latest acquisition forms part of president Muhammadu Buhari’s maritime policies.

“It will not only serve Nigeria’s maritime environment but will be part of a critical component in the projection of naval forces and power to enhance security in the Gulf of Guinea, protect resources, maintain law and order at sea contributing to global commerce”

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ghana, Hamza Gambo called on government to continue building strong cooperation between the two countries.

“I want to appeal to the government of Ghana to continue extending the hand of cooperation with Nigeria. There are a lot of agreement including military engagement between the two countries”

Other officers of the forces from both countries were present.