Ace Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas says former Attorney General Martin Amidu and others are trying to distract him from the judicial inquiry into the judicial bribery he uncovered.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tuesday, Anas said, “I am focused, I am resolute and I will go to the committee and say what I have to say”.

The integrity of a two-year undercover investigation done by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger Eye PI has been questioned by the Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu.

The investigation revealed a damning verdict of some judges trading justice for money, goats and other commodities.

According to Martin Amidu, government is waving the results of the investigation into the judiciary as a decoy to divert attention from political corruption.

Some 34 judges were implicated in the scandal, 12 High Court Judges and 22 Lower Court Judges. Seven of the judges have been suspended and two are on retirement. One has been acquitted and discharged.

The rest of them are going through disciplinary procedures at Committee set up by the Chief Justice to investigate the matter.

Mr. Amidu says the undercover journalist is being used by government.

The Former Attorney General issued a statement and said government is opportunistically using the judicial bribery scandal to hide massive political corruption.

He also alleged that Anas had made leaders of Parliament watch investigative video of corrupt MPs.

According to Mr Amidu, influence from the Executive and other key persons in government prevented a broadcast of the MPs' video that he claims was paid for by government.

Anas and his team, as well as government have denied Martin Amidu’s allegations that government paid the investigations into the judiciary.

But Martin Amidu claims the purported video about the corrupt in Parliament is equally scandalous has promised to provide evidence of his allegations.

All these according to Anas are diversionary tactics by the Former Attorney General.

He challenged him to go to court if he has any issues with what he (Anas) is doing.

“We are all working for the country and if uncle Amidu has any issues with my approach, he should go to court, this is not a fight” he stated.

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