Noble Bediako

German-Ghanaian based construction firm, MC Bauchemie Ghana Limited, says it is committed to redefining the state of the construction industry in Ghana.

According to the Managing Director, Noble Bediako, the company will provide a deeper understanding of concrete technology through collaboration with institutions and companies in Ghana to train players in the construction industry.

Speaking at the Grand opening of the office training centre and factory complex at Ashiyie in the Greater Accra region, Mr. Bediako said the company’s operations will facilitate capacity development in the construction industry across 5 countries on the continent.

Part of the project, according to the company, is the support for the building of a training centre to improve technical qualification and employability in the field of construction.

 Noble Bediako revealed that the company’s target is to create awareness for Ghanaians with respect to the development of the sector.

“We need to train Professional artisans and that is what we are trying to do to raise the bar in Ghana. We are looking forward to do more research to see how best we can use our local chemical products for the construction business,” he said.

The Minister for Works and Housing, Francis Asenso-Boakye, called on actors in the construction industry to be innovative and come up with pragmatic solutions to help address challenges in the sector.

He added that the government through various initiatives is working assiduously to reduce the housing deficit in the country.

The grand opening was to provide MC-Bauchemie Ghana with the opportunity to share its story with the players in the construction industry and to showcase what can be produced out of drive, determination and the management of small beginnings.

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