Mfantseman Girls’ Senior High School has won the 23rd National Senior High School Debate held in Kumasi.

The Central Region school beat their Ashanti region opponents, Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ with 21 points to become National Champions.

At the end of the debate held on the theme ‘Technology Makes Human Mentally and Physically Dormant,’ the final scores were 84-63 in favour of the Mfantseman ladies.

Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ spoke for, while the Mfantseman Girls’ argued against.

Adwoa Serwaa Amanfo and Emmanuella Acquah, principal and supporting speakers, respectively, advanced strong points to make their case.

“It is unacceptable to manufacture a gadget that takes away people’s daily bread and further aggravate their pain by making them mentally and psychologically unstable. If my opponent believe the loss of the job of a person does not make her dormant, perhaps, they should find a stronger word for that”, the Principal speaker said.

“As students depend more on a calculator and other technologies and lose ability to solve simple mathematic problems”, the supporting speaker seconded.

Ida Blankson and Winifred Larbi who represented the Coastal ladies countered claims by their opponents.

“Who produces technology? Is it not man? How is it produced? It involves two key processes, they are; design and implementation of the design. If man does this, what makes him mentally and physically dormant”, she added.

Results announced by the three judges showed the ladies from the coast had proven superior.

All three judges scored for Mfantseman SHS but this will not cower the grand-daughters of the warrior queen into submission, as they set the venue alight with wild jubilation.

SHS debate

Momentarily, the losing team members shed tears but the spirit of warriors was suddenly ignited by the numerous supporters.

They were joined by some of their past students present to do the ‘jama’ to the admiration of all.

Not even the presentation of awards will silence them.

SHS debate

The winners attempted to match the vanquished in the singing but their spirit even in victory, was too low for them to be noticed.

Rather, Yaa Asantewaa’s excitement continued for almost an hour in the foyer of KNUST Great Hall.