The Mintah Foundation, a Foundation committed to providing quality education and improving the social well-being of the people in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region, has organized its maiden district-quiz competition for Junior High School students in the district.

The two-part competition saw all public Junior High Schools in the six circuits in the district lock horn with each other whilst the private junior high schools also competed against each other in the preliminary contests.

After a successful preliminary contest, six public schools and a private school advanced to the grand finale to battle each other for the coveted title.

Tsrukpe Tota D/A JHS, Botoku circuit; Bume D/A JHS, Bume-Awate Circuit; Vakpo Dunyo Resettlement D/A JHS,
Vakpo circuit; Wusuta Hotor RC JHS, Wusuta circuit; Aveme Danyigba D/A JHS, Aveme circuit and Anfoega Gblenkor RC JHS in the Anfoega circuit were joined by Cornerstone Preparatory School, a private school, in the grand finale which was won by Cornerstone Preparatory School, the only private school in the grand finale.

All student participants at the preliminary stages were rewarded with book and cash prizes.

For reaching the maiden grand finale, all the participating schools at the grand finale were awarded various sums of money, book prizes and certificates whilst the eventual winners, Cornerstone Preparatory School, and the first and second runners-up schools received special cash and book prizes, medals, certificates and trophies in recognition of
their feat.

Speaking to the press, the Coordinator of the Quiz Competition, Mr. Anthony Dzontoh, a seasoned teacher and entrepreneur, explained that the purpose of the competition is to motivate the student- participants and their mates to strive for excellence in education especially in their preparation towards the BECE.

He was hopeful that the competition which came weeks ahead of this year’s BECE, will be a morale booster to all the
participating schools, and culminate into improved BECE results in the district this year.

He was worried that the North Dayi District which was noted for producing high calibre human resources in the past appears challenged in its delivery of education in recent times.

He appealed to well-meaning indigenes of the district to collaborate with the Foundation and other stakeholders in the district in the bid to improve the quality of education in the district.

Mr. Dzontoh was full of gratitude to all the participating schools and their teachers for the enthusiasm they displayed towards this year’s competition. He lauded the significant role and support of the District Education Directorate in ensuring the success of the event.

The Foundation which is also into health care provision has Mr. Mintah Manasseh, an indigene of the area but now domiciled in the USA as its president and bankroller.

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