District Chief Executive (DCE) of North Dayi. Edmond Kudjoh Attah inspects new facility.

The Volta River Authority (VRA) Resettlement Trust Fund has constructed a modern E-library to improve teaching and learning at Tsoxor in the Volta region.

This is in response to several appeals by the residents for a learning facility.

The e-library was constructed within a 3-month period after Edmond Kudjoh Attah, the North Dayi District Chief Executive contacted the Trust Fund for help.

At the handing over ceremony for the facility, the residents expressed joy and stated that the development would go a long way in helping not only students and teachers but the entire community.

“This is the greatest news we have had in several years but like the Oliver Twist, we want more of this,” a resident said.

Mr Kudjoh Attah urged teachers and parents to adopt the culture of maintenance in order to prolong the lifespan of the facility.

He encouraged the teachers to take advantage of the opportunity to expand on their knowledge especially in using ICT as a modern learning aid.

First ever e- library sponsored by VRA Resettlement Trust Fund inaugurated at North Dayi district

Mr Attah also called on students to make the most of the facility to enable them to compete with the ‘big schools’ in other parts of the country.

“The NPP led government has taken up the burden of parents in regards to school fees, lunch and many more and all the President requires of you students is to study hard and make the President and your parents proud,” he urged.

The DCE commended the contractor for an excellent job done.

Senior Technical Officer of VRA Resettlement Trust Fund, Mr Anthony Agblevor said the facility is the first to be built among the 52 communities under the VRA Trust Fund.

He believed that the facility would help the student use the tools that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) presented to upgrade its lessons.

“Now that there has been the introduction of ICT, it would help the community to upgrade its ICT lessons,” Mr Agblevor said

At the event, Mr Agblevor revealed that the Trust Fund will be constructing similar projects in all the 52 communities under the VRA resettlement trust fund.

The headmaster of the school, Raymond Kogbe noted the difficulties the school had had with teaching ICT without an e-library.

“Most times, it’s difficult for my teachers to even teach and sometimes would have to draw some practical experts on the board for students to understand,” Mr Kogbe lamented.

Some final year students preparing for their exit exams also shared how the facility will help them with their studies.

“I am very happy about the facility which would enable us the final years to write well and come out with good results in ICT, ” one BECE candidate said.

Meanwhile, similar facilities initiated by the District Chief Executive, Edmond Kudjoh Attah have been constructed in 4 other communities by the Ghana Integrated Fund for Electronic Communication ( GIFEC).

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