Members of Parliament are accusing President John Mahama of appointing and swearing in members of the Council of State without consulting Parliament.

The President swore in the eleven-member Council of State, chaired by Cecilia Johnson, earlier this week.

But MPs insist the president violated the Standing Orders by failing to inform Parliament before appointing and swearing in the Council of State members.

Sekondi MP Papa Owusu Ankoma raised the issue, quoting Standing Order 172 of the House, which states that the president is obligated to bring his ministerial and Council of State nominees before the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

He added that the president was therefore expected to have brought his nominees before Parliament to be vetted and approved.

Joy News’ Elton John Brobbey reported that the issue drew a lot of comments on the floor of Parliament.

The House agreed to form a committee led by the Speaker, the Chairman of the Appointments Committee of Parliament and the leadership of Parliament to meet with the president and resolve the situation amicably.