Cancer-causing pollution within the La Dadekotopon Municipality has left residents fuming over the inability of the local authorities to take action.

The pollution comes from Edisaw Company Ltd which manufactures T-rolls, takeaway packs, plastic and polythene bags and is located at Tse Addo at Lababi in the Greater Accra region.

LaDMA pollution

"There is a lot of pollution in the air…so much pollution you wouldn't believe it. You can't even open your window to breath fresh air", says Mrs Linda Stepper who together with Mrs Yaa Asare, formed an association of the residents to demand action from La Dadekotopon Municipality Assembly (LaDMA).

"The whole area is polluted. It has been a battle. We keep going to LaDMA, writing to LaDMA, calling LaDMA," she expressed frustration on the Joy FM Super Morning Show, Monday.

LaDMA pollution

According to her, she contacted the Health Division of LaDMA about two years ago to complain but was told an assessment is needed from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Her association proceeded to the EPA to ask for an assessment which she says took the Agency over a year to complete its report.

It would take seven more months for the EPA to hand over its report to LaDMA. Linda Stepper said she had to send her driver to EPA to collect the report to be given to LaDMA.

She said the Association has met the MCE, Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey after a change in government in 2017. Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey promised to look into their complaints.

"Up till today the factory is still there," she said despite a damning report from the EPA after their two-year advocacy which she said has made her Association a "nuisance" to authorities.

"But it is my health that I am worried about. I am worried about my kids," she complained.

The municipal authorities in a report cited by stated that "an industrial factory within a zoned residential area is wrong".

It also said the factory is operating without an EPA assessment of its activities and therefore cannot be given a building permit.

But the Assembly has not been able to enforce its own laws after informing the company to cease its operations.

Lawyers for EDSIAW Co. Ltd wrote to the Assembly in a letter dated January 29,2018, said the notice to cease operation will cause financial loss to the company.

It said it had recently imported raw materials on credit and needs to manufacture into finished goods to enable it to pay its creditors.

The statement said the company's 50 employees would suffer "great hardship" if it ceases operations immediately as directed by LaDMA.

It requested for more time to work to defray the cost of credit.