The National Security advisor has hinted he will invite Herbert Mensah for questioning over allegations President John Mills has earmarked GHS 90 million the NDC presidential primaries.

Rtd. Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah told Joy News the allegation is of paramount interest to his outfit.

Herbert Mensah in an interview with Adom FM early this week alleged the campaign team of the sitting president is using foul means to retain his position as the flagbearer of the party, ahead of the 2012 elections.

According to him, he and ex-president John Rawlings are privy to security tapes in which officials within government who are part of the President Mills campaign team are planning to buy delegates and have therefore earmarked an amount of GHS 90 million for the campaign.

Mr. Mensah said he would only play the said tapes to the hearing of all Ghanaians at the appropriate time but did not say exactly when.

The allegations have provoked government officials some of whom have described it as preposterous.

Deputy Local Government Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah challenged Herbert Mensah and the Rawlingses to make available the said tapes or desist from further tarnishing the image of the president.

He also called on the national security apparatus to conduct an investigation into the allegation.

Brigadier Nunoo Mensah said National Security will as soon as possible contact Mr Mensah to prove his allegations.

Source: Joy News/


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